Importance of links: traffic and SEO

Creating links to your site is one of the factors of success in SEO.

Building inbound links is a vital process to optimize the ranking of websites in the results of all search engines, whether they value quality and popularity, or only the quantity of these links.

Via the quality of your content

This is the first and foremost inbound link building strategy, perhaps the only one commonly accepted, that gives the best results. It involves creating fresh, unique, quality and interesting content that site visitors will want to share with their friends, personal page visitors, social media, discussion forums and articles.

A common strategy is to create thematic content, such as product and service reviews, news articles, useful travel guides, recipes and tips or tutorials.

Via inbound link building

This is an ethically questionable optimization technique, as it manipulates the philosophy of considering the link as a vote from one page to another. This is mentioned by Google representatives, for example, which is why the Penguin filter was born a few years ago.

A safe and legitimate technique, according to the standards of search engines, is to create a separate blog or an equivalent domain as a subdomain of the website, in which you will describe new products or services, announce press releases of the organization or activity or organize contests and links to various pages of the main site.

Via social networks

Inbound link building usually includes another big part of social media optimization. This part concerns the exploitation of outbound links that the user can add to his page on these sites, such as, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., because all companies have the possibility to create their official page.

Via our tool

Instead of trying to create content or feed your social networks. Think of going to search on the already existing pages if they talk about your brand or product. From then on, you can get traffic on your site but also natural referencing.